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Daniel Rotem's Serenading the Future Band live recording

"Rotem offers a heartfelt, searching quality on this exciting double-disc endeavor, evident in his compositions, melodic interpretation and spacious improvisational approach."

- Downbeat

"Daniel Rotem’s sound on his horn is breathy, warm and wonderful... When I hear youthful and gifted musicians like these carrying on the legacy of jazz, I am encouraged."

- Musical Memoirs

"Its {'Serenading the Future'} framework is a simple one that allows a lovely, expressive emergent behavior from all involved. The multicultural cast all contribute as equal parts to the whole without needing any big showcases, and the music itself is a subtly eloquent exhibit for its themes of optimism and being present in the moment."

- All About Jazz

Daniel Rotem - tenor sax

Miro Sprague - piano

Alex Boneham - bass

Roberto Giaquinto - drums