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Billy Childs' Jazz Chamber Ensemble

The Jazz/Chamber ensemble is the logical continuation of Billy Childs’ musical work from his career….an organic blend of disparate genres of music - in this case, Jazz and European Classical music. This is done through the prism of chamber music. Billy has released two recordings of this music: Lyric, Vol. 1 and Autumn: In Moving Pictures, Vol. 2. Combined, these recordings have garnered 5 Grammy nominations and 2 wins. The orchestration consists of 10 instruments, 8 of which are string instruments, giving the group a unique and impressionistic sonic palette. 

Fascinated with the dramatic power of the spoken word, especially poetry, Billy combines these disciplines into an organic whole that is quite satisfying. The subjects of the poetry are dramatically set to music, and range from racial exclusion, the need for love and forgiveness, sensuality, and urban alienation. Billy has not attempted a concert of this magnitude before, and is very excited to bring these results to the stage. With the combination of instrumental music, singing, and poetry this event promises to be a concert for the ages. Don’t miss it.

Billy Childs - piano, composer
Bob Sheppard - alto & soprano sax, flute
Larry Koonse - guitar
Carol Robbins - harp
Alex Boneham - bass
Marvin “Smitty” Smith - drums
Tricia Tahara - vocals
Aaron Childs - vocals
Wren Brown - recitation
Lyris Quartet:
Alysa Park - violin
Shalini Vijayan - violin
Luke Maurer - viola
Timothy Loo - cello

$30 general admission

$20 students (21+)

Pre-sale tickets: