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Kim Richmond Concert Jazz Orchestra

The Kim Richmond Concert Jazz Orchestra was formed to provide a workshop for major concert works that include elements of both large ensemble jazz with free-swinging improvisation and symphonic colors and textures. This is truly an orchestra rather than simply a jazz band.

The expanded instrumentation which contributes to the symphonic nature of the orchestra includes 5 woodwinds playing saxophones, flutes, clarinets and double reeds (oboe, English horn and bassoon); 4 trumpets; 2 French horns; 3 tenor trombones, bass trombone and tuba; rhythm section of guitar, piano, bass, drums, mallet percussion and Latin percussion.

Besides writing the bulk of the material, leader Kim Richmond is featured as jazz alto and soprano saxophone soloist as well as conductor.

The Kim Richmond Concert Jazz Orchestra

Woodwinds- Alex Budman, Bob Crosby, Gene Burkert, Sean Franz, Bob Carr

Trumpets- Jamey Hovorka, Ron King, Steve Huffsteter, Jonathan Dane

French horns- John Dickson, Stephanie O’Keefe

Trombones- Scott Whitfield, Joey Sellers, Fred Simmons, Craig Gosnell

Tuba- Bill Roper

Rhythm- Will Brahm, guitar; Scott Healy, piano; David Hughes, bass; Ralph Razze, drums; David Johnson, mallet percussion; Scott Breadman, hand percussion


Earlier Event: July 4