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Jure Pukl Quartet

 "When a young musician looks back to the legacy, absorbs the salient points and places them in a contemporary context, you have a quality statement that will be rewarding to listener and musicians alike far into the future. Jure Pukl has done his homework." Dave Liebman, legendary saxophonist for Miles Davis and respected educator

“He is one of those rare beings whose music reflects a higher understanding at a young age.With his album he has created a listening experience with something to teach us all.  He knows.” Vijay Iyer,  2013 MacArthur Fellow/pianist

“With his latest offering, "The Life Sound Pictures Of..." tenor saxophonist Jure Pukl has craftily put together an assemblage of music that easily represents the current New York aesthetic. This project, as ambitious as it is accurate, offers a style and direction that captures the FEELING of how artists can view the world through their craft. 

All modern art would do well to serve it's environment by producing works that are, in essence, mirrors of the total experience. This series of songs serves as an accurate chronicle of how current players see, hear and feel the world through an enlightened lens. To any listener of this work who is not able to make a physical trip to NY, know that "The Life Sound Pictures Of Jure Pukl" is an accurate and vivid picture of what it looks like, sonically speaking.”  Greg Osby legendary saxophonist, composer, NYC 2014

"It's more than likely that the New York vibe has hardened his original Slovenian conception and this quartet is as futuristically modern as any other on the jazz scene." Tony Hall, Jazzwise UK

"Jazz listeners have already picked up signals from young tenor saxophonist-composer Jure Pukl; you should hear this exciting newcomer" John Fordham, THE GUARDIAN UK

Jure Pukl - tenor sax

Josh Nelson - piano

Dave Robaire - bass

Andre Sumelius - drums