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BURNING GHOSTS celebrates their debut CD release on Orenda Records!

Daniel Rosenboom - Trumpets
Jake Vossler - Guitars
Richard Giddens - Bass
Aaron McLendon - Drums

with special guest Travis Flournoy, live video art.

Presale tickets available here,
First 50 ticket buyers get a free CD.

BURNING GHOSTS explodes from the Los Angeles Underground with an expressionist metal-jazz opus that singes the fabric of a fraying American culture. An ambitious and scathing referendum, this eponymous debut comes at a moment when our civic morality and sense of social justice, our communal values and even our very national identity, find themselves under brutal scrutiny. Holding the mirror close and clear, Burning Ghosts is an uncompromising, incendiary artistic response to ubiquitous injustice. This is music without restraint.